Kuango Queue Management System

Queue Management Systems are essential for enhanced customer journey management and increased staff productivity in the modern Business Working Environment. Our portfolio of both Hardware and Software Tools for advance Queue management gives our clients the resources they need for better management of business operations and customer dealing.

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Introducing our new Queue Management System

Manage Customers Effectively

With our effective QMS, you can manage queues and boost customer satisfaction.

Completely Automated

Due to our expertise in embedded electronics, our solution is fully automated and self operational.

Easy Setup

Easy to setup. Start giving your customers comfort as soon as possible.

How it works

Customer joins a queue using one of 4 options; through their mobile phone, by taking a ticket onsite, setting up appointment online or getting a ticket online. Whichever method a customer decides on, ensures that the customer is placed in queue. Empowering your customers to queue in a virtual line helps you take control of your queue, gives sanity to your environments and automatically enhances the entree process for accessing customer service at your banking halls, service centers, receptions etc.

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Queue Displays

The queue displays helps customers know where to go to be served. The Main displays shows general queue information such as which number is being served at specific counters, which number is next in line and current number being called to be served. The counter displays shows the counter which is ready to serve and the number being called up for service.

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